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The new TriCaster MiniTM is the most complete compact multimedia solution in the world. You can turn the smallest production into engaging video content quickly and stream events from anywhere. Now includes Advanced Edition at no additional cost!

The Mini shares the proven user interface and feature set of it’s larger siblings so you aren’t stuck with a limited feature set of other entry level solutions. Everything you need is built right in, switch cameras, build playlists, add graphics and titles, mix audio, incorporate special effects like virtual sets and animated transitions right out of the box. Broadcast, live stream, record and publish — simultaneously — to deliver to screens and audiences of any size.

The TriCaster Mini is fast and easy to setup with its all-in-one design and common plugs and ports. Use budget friendly HDMI camcorders (HD4 & HD4i) and reduce your total cost of ownership. No complicated software installation or hardware configuration is needed its ready to go right out of the box. The Mini’s compact design and light weight are perfect for making your show on the go. The Mini HD-4i and HD4sdi even have a built-in monitor for real-time monitoring of your program.

Since the TriCaster Mini uses the same user interface as the bigger TriCaster models it makes it easy to integrate into facilities already using a TriCaster with no additional training necessary.

Available in three models: The HD-4i and HD4sdi which includes an integrated 7″ output monitor and the HD-4 Without the monitor and with less on-board video storage.

HDMI Connectivity (HD4 & HD4i)
Plug-and-play input of up to four, everyday HDMI camcorders to produce
live video with professional-quality results.

SDI Connectivity (HD4sdi)
Use professional level gear with the same compact form factor.

Network In
Access virtually limitless video sources and content applications from 2 live
network inputs, with the ability to connect to networked computers, iOS
devices, cloud-based media, IP cameras, streaming servers and more.

Audio Mixer
Full-featured audio mixing, with sophisticated routing, customization, control

TriCaster Mini User Interface

4 M/E Banks
Expand creative possibilities for your production. In Mix mode, M/Es can use
program/preview transitions and overlay to create full-featured sub-mixes. In
Effect mode, create multiple video layers for real-time compositing, or
transform your green screen setup into an elaborate virtual set.

TransWarp effects engine
The most powerful integrated effects engine available in live production
delivers full-color, animated transitions with alpha channel and embedded
audio, real-time cloth dynamics, 3D video warping, and transformations with
TransWarp effects and motion overlays.

Virtual Sets
Next-generation virtual sets, complete with pan and scan shot framing,
animated virtual camera moves and customizable presets, for studio-style
presentation and on-the-fly adjustments—without touching the live camera.
Holographic Virtual Sets Create a customized virtual environment from any real-world location by
transforming panoramic images taken with your smartphone, DSLR or pointand-
shoot camera into a photorealistic virtual set (VSE 2.5 required).

Access up to 15 additional graphics and title sources – instantly – during live
production, with integrated multiviewer, title editing and presets. Buffers are
also shareable across the network

Social Media Publishing
Real-time publishing links you with your social networks – like Facebook,
Twitter, and YouTube – so you can share, distribute, and engage instantly.

FTP & File Copy
Duplicate and transfer saved files and recordings for internal and external

Live Streaming
Encode and broadcast A/V output to the Web during production, with CDN
presets and one-button live streaming.

Capture full-length live production, source footage, or clips for live playback
at full resolution, replacing decks or media servers dedicated to recording.

Network Out
Send an A/V output signal over the network to another TriCaster or
supported third-party applications for display, rebroadcast or encoding.

Mini-CS Optional Control Surface
16-Channel Switcher
16 switcher channels with 6 external sources, 6 internal sources, and 4 M/E

Make commonly used series of commands automatic, or just simplify
complex ones. Record any sequence of operations as a macro event, then
trigger with a mouse click, keystroke, control surface action, MIDI button or
gesture-based onscreen hotspots.

Flexible Control
Breakout live production control to any number of supported devices,
including TriCaster control surfaces, Avid Artist Mix audio consoles, MIDI
controllers (including smart devices with MIDI apps)—and let talent trigger
automated sequences with on-camera hot spots.

Hot Spots
Turn on-screen areas into interactive controls and let your talent trigger
macros with live motion – even run your one-person show from in front of the
camera. A wave of a hand or a walk to a mark, and the next action sequence
happens automatically.

Remote Camera Control
Control robotic PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras directly from the User Interface,
including camera orientation, zoom, focus and iris, plus position presets.

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