MediaDS Streaming Server

Deliver live streaming video directly to viewers on your local network

  • 4 SDI inputs up to 3G 1080P
  • 4 independent streaming channels
  • Integrated NDI input and output
  • Built-in Wowza streaming software
  • Support for LAN, WAN, CDN and Cloud-based workflows

Since the MediaDS has four streaming channels you can actually serve four different programs simultaneously to four different audiences. And since the MediaDS is built on the Wowza Streaming Engine (WSE) you have the gold standard of customizable server software and can deliver professional-grade streaming at any scale. Enabling WSE as a destination for one or more MediaDS streams in turn automatically sends its (WSE’s) output to MediaDS’s integrated webserver, which in turn automatically streams (customizable) webpages complete with a Wowza video player for each enabled stream, the player supports DVR features.

Use Case:

You are a school, (or hospital, business, hotel what have you), and want to show live video to your students, (patients, staff, employees, guests etc.) each morning. Rather than delivering standard video to every room in the building or campus with a closed circuit cable system you simply set the MediaDS down, plug in the power, keyboard, mouse and monitor, connect it to your network, feed it video via SDI or NDI and POW everyone on your network can watch the live stream from any device with a web browser. No CDN or even Internet connection required. If you want you can also take advantage of Wowsa’s more advanced features with nearly unlimited scalability.

MediaDS Brochure