Communication is key during any live production. metaSETZ Tally Products will keep you on your game. Whatever the level of your production and whatever TriCaster you use we have a tally system for you.

A complete tally system consists of a tally controller and individual tally lights for each camera along with interconnect cables.

TL-2 Tally Light

Tally Controller Compatibility:

  • TC-Mini 4, 4i and SDI: TLC-4S or TLC-8S
  • TC-410, 460, 860, 8000: TLC-4S, TLC-8S or TLC-8D
  • TLC-455, 855: TLC-4S, TLC-8S or TLC-8D
  • TLC-450, 850 & Extremes: TLC-8D
  • TC-300: Call or email
  • Standard Def TriCaster: Call or email
  • Other Switchers

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TLC-4S Controller

TLC-8S Controller

TLC-8D Controller

TL-2 Tally Light

RU-2 Relay Unit

TL-IC Intercom Adapter Cable

The TL-2 tally light mounts on any camera using a standard shoe mount. The end with ultra bright red LED faces the front towards the on camera talent and the indicator lights face the camera operator. The shoe mount can be reversed for easier mounting on some cameras.

If you have cameras with built-in tally lights and remote camera control units (CCU) you can make use of them by using our RU-2 relay units. These connect in place of the TL-2s and provide relay outputs that can be connected to your CCUs tally inputs.

The tally light connects to one of our controllers via Ethernet style cable that carries both power and control signals and optionally intercom signals. Choose the correct tally controller for your switcher. The controller connects to the switcher via either USB (or a dedicated control cable in the case of the TLC-8D).

Intercom Pass Through (all models)

You can use the intercom pass through to route your analog intercom signals over the tally cables. You simply connect your intercom master station to the xlr port on the tally controller. This routes the intercom signal and power out to the TL-2 tally lights. There you connect your intercom belt pack to the 1/8″ port with a 1/8″ to XLR adapter cable (TL-IC).

TLC8S Tally Controller


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