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Once again NewTek has completely shattered the price/performance barrier. When it ships in the third quarter, the new TriCaster 8000  will bring a whole new sophistication to it’s owner’s productions. Third gen LiveSets, motion tracking, multiple M/E buses, integrated social media, on and on the list goes with new, improved and frankly unimaginably powerful features. Even better is the refined user friendly interface so you can actually make use of all the power under the hood.

TC 8000 with monitorsThe first of the big new features is the nearly unlimited layering using the eight Mix/Effects (M/E) buses. Each M/E can have four sources along with four overlays. These eight sources can all be positioned, resized and rotated as necessary. The M/Es are “re-entrant” which means you can use one M/E as a source in another. In addition the TriCaster 8000 also has four down stream keyers that again are re-sizable, positionable and rotatable.

Another big change is the new LiveSet  technology (virtual sets) built into the M/Es. Now you can have a LiveSet with four keyable sources and four overlays. And remember since the M/Es are re-entrant you can feed one LiveSet into another as a source so you can, for example, have a talking head shot from a (virtual) Studio B feeding an over the shoulder shot of the anchor in (virtual) Studio A. Another new feature of LiveSets is the ability to do both virtual pans and zooms. These virtual camera moves really expand the production value of LiveSets.

In addition to the built in streaming with default support for all the major CDNs NewTek now has tools that integrate various social media networks right into the interface. You can mark start and end points into the video you are recording back to the hard drive and publish it to YouTube or Facebook without stopping the recording or grab frames from all eight cameras and upload them to Flickr with one button push.

The new multi-viewer is fully configurable simply choose a layout and assign source, bus  and output previews as you like. You can do this both on the main interface display and the secondary multi-view output.You can connect monitors for the main interface, the multi-viewer and both program and preview outputs.


Record eight streams of full res video back to the hard drives using ISOcorder. Choose from various internal and external sources and record in various formats and resolutions including the new default QuickTime. New Mac and PC compatible TriCaster codecs are also included bring the advanced SpeedHQ format to your favorite editor.

The TriCaster now boasts the Transwarp effects engine, the most powerful in live production. Create customized, full color transition with sound effects, 3D warping and cloth dynamics using the included Animation Store Creator. Branding elements will make your production instantly recognizable and make an impression on your audience.

If the eight inputs of the TriCaster 8000 aren’t enough you can integrate a Blackmagic Desgns video router and expand the number of available sources. Then you can select any source on the router via a pull down menus in the TriCaster.

Left Side ControllerOne button macros help the Technical Director manage all these complex features. You can record complex switcher macros and assign them to a single button so even in the heat of battle the TD isn’t over taxed. You can also assign these macros to on-screen ‘hot spots’ so the talent can perform switcher actions directly. With a wave of the hand they can cue video playback, switch cameras or perform almost any other function on the switcher.

You can off load audio control using either the included iPad app or by using an Avid Artist series hardware controller. Every audio input, source and output has seven band EQ and a compressor/limiter. The switcher control surface is now included in the base price of the TriCaster so the price is actually lower than a TriCaster 850 Extreme and 850CS controller!

All in all the Tricaster 8000 is a massive upgrade from the TC850 and includes features that are unavailable anywhere else at any price. The TC 8000 can truly be the hub of a multimedia publishing and broadcasting production and at an unbelievable price point. The possibilities are endless and the only limitation is your imagination.

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