metaSETZ TLC-8 ControllerThe TLC-8d controller is a low cost adapter box the connects to the TriCaster’s 15 pin tally port and interfaces to any model of our tally lights.

The TriCaster’s tally port supports a ‘program’ tally for the source selected on the program bus of the switcher. The TLC-8d translates this signal to illuminate the red camera operator tally and the ‘talent’ tally on the TL-2 light.

What sets the TLC-8d apart from a simple adapter cable is the intercom pass through so you can run both tally and intercom on a single Cat5 cable run. Connect your intercom base station into the xlr on the TLC-8 then connect your beltpacks to the multi-purpose port on the tally light using our TL-IC adapter cables.

Call 1-800-692-6442 to order

Not compatible with the TC-40 or TC-Mini as they lack the 15 pin tally port. Take a look at the TLC-4S for these TriCasters.


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