Both the TLC-8 and TLC-4 controllers are available for the Livestream Studio. Just plug them into a USB port on your unit, add TL-2 tally lights or RU-2 relay Units and your all set. Also compatible with vMix systems. No software installation required.

TLC-4LS 6 Tally Output For Livestream Studio & vMix

Call 1-800-692-6442 to order

  • Eight (TLC-8LS) or six (TLC-4LS) tally outputs.
  • Program tally and Preview tally
  • ‘Talent’ tally (global hardware enable/disable)
  • Two dry-contact GPI outputs (Not yet supported by Studio software)
  • Intercom/audio pass through
  • Compatible with  all Livestream Studios v. 1.3 or higher
  • Compatible with all metaSETZ tally lights and relay units

The TLC-8LS or 4LS controller connects to your Livestream Studio and any of our tally lights.  

One of the things that  sets the TLC-8LS and 4LS  apart is the intercom pass through so you can run both tally and intercom on a single Cat5 cable run. Connect your intercom base station into the xlr on the TLC then connect your beltpacks to the multi-purpose port on the tally lights.

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