TriCaster 410 – Enter Live Webcasting. Emerge Victorious.

Streamline your production setup and keep your business moving from one event to the next with the turnkey power of TriCaster 410. Forget the costly investment in racks and racks of equipment – you get all the gear you need in an all-in-one, compact system that’s easy to use and flight-case friendly.

Built for live event producers and webcasters on the move and on a tight budget, TriCaster 410 delivers the definitive live production experience with total confidence. Create a bigger looking show, custom branded with supercharged visuals like 3D holographic virtual sets, and a whole slew of productivity-enhancing tools. Overflowing with creative flexibility, but free of workflow and post-production extras outside the scope of what you do, TriCaster 410 cuts down equipment expenditure to fit your business the way you envisioned it—and adds professional good looks without the frills and extra costs.

You have a world of choices for handling live operations, with compatible TriCaster control surfaces along with support for breakout control of audio, camera, key commands, and even on-camera sequence triggering. TriCaster 410 gives you complete control, whether you’re producing for broadcast, streaming live to the Web, projecting to a big screen, creating an engaging second-screen experience—or all of the above.

TriCaster  460 – Look Like a Television Giant.

Raise the level of your mobile production without raising thebudget. TriCaster 460 gives you professional-grade gear in acompact, easy to use system so you can quickly reach youraudience from anywhere—booth, studio, van or small control room.
TriCaster 460 provides incredible flexibility to producers on the road and in small spaces for everything from connectivityand program output, to source footage access after the fact,and available media sources. Elevate everyday productions tonetwork-style compositions with real-time, 4 M/E compositing,
virtual sets, transitions, brand elements, and more—allintegrated within a compact 2U frame. Quickly capture andcreate compelling live and  post-produced content withon-board tools that save space and costs. Go live. Go big. Onthe road, or onsite.
With an optional hardware control surface and support fora range of external control devices for audio mixing, roboticcamera operation, sequence commands, and even gesture-based talent triggers, TriCaster 460 gives you complete controlof your content, whether you’re producing for broadcast,
streaming live to the Web, projecting to a big screen, creatingan engaging second-screen experience—or all of the above.
TriCaster 860 -Seize Opportunity. Smash Limitations.
Create more shows for a bigger audience with programs that make a bigger impact. All at once, TriCaster 860 lets you deliver content where your viewers watch—broadcast on TV,streamed live online, and projected on the big screen—evenposted in real time on social media sites where they can share the experience with others. Gear up your productions withoutadding more gear.
With TriCaster 860, you have a complete, media production solution for delivering bigger, more creative live productions. Produce more with the content you capture—more video, text, graphics, animations and virtual sets. Don’t just keep up with ever-changing media strategies—invent your own. Create the attention-getting content that stands out from the crowd, and use that same content to discover fresh new streams of revenue opportunities.
Adapt to your growing program needs with incredibly flexible control, sophisticated automation, and 8 M/E submix potential. Fly solo with the optional hardware control surface—or assemble a team to crew a studio full of supported third-party  audio, MIDI, and robotic camera devices.

TriCaster 8000 – A Force to be Monetized.

You work in a world where complex productions are the norm. And producing content at a superhuman pace is expected. TriCaster 8000 lets you reach more viewers—on more screens and in more places—with incredibly sophisticated shows.
A highly configurable, broadcast-integrated content production platform, TriCaster 8000 allows you to dominate vastly scalable, creative live productions with access to all available content at your fingertips. You have total integration with existing gear, and the ability to move from the most straightforward, to the most complex events with ease.
Publish to social media platforms during production, and adapt to any custom configuration—even extended ones with upstream routers and mirrored systems. With unprecedented capabilities for automation and control, the more complex your program, the easier you can make it all come together.
Operators can easily keep up with the higher demands of live production control, and the need to deliver live media to multiple outlets, behind the console of the TriCaster 8000 CS. With every function under fingertip control, it’s the most practical and coolest way to handle the heat of a hot production.
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