TriCaster 40

The most complete set of real-time video capabilities for multi-camera live production and streaming in a single system under $6000.

The new TriCaster all-in-one live production system empowers everyone from stations on a tight budget to video bloggers to create professional looking programs. Even on a small budget anyone can capture live HD video and look like a pro doing it.

The desktop design, integrated production capabilities and easy to use tools simplifies video production for everyone. No need to piece together a system from multiple vendors just add cameras and audio and go.

Pros will appreciate the full feature set and the speed with which you can get the system setup and running. Even if you are new to the business you don’t have to settle for a barely good enough  feature limited system. Everything you need to produce a polished program is included in the box.

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40CS Controller

Download the Manual

Compare TriCasters

TriCaster 40 vs TriCaster 455

TriCaster 40 Basic Features:
  • 14 Channel switcher with 4 camera inputs
  • Stream, project, record and broadcast from the same system
  • Supports SD 480i, HD 720p and HD 1080i
  • Output both HD and SD simultaneously
  • Mix and match camera resolutions
  • media servers for clip playback and capture
  • Network inputs for computer display sources, Apple Airplay and more
  • 24 Virtual Sets included
  • Encode and broadcast output to the web during production
  • Broadcast grade component inputs not low-end and troublesome HDMI
New Features for 2.0:
  • Animation Store Creator – create your own custom transitions
  • LiveText Character Generator – this is the internal version
  • Session Resolutions – flexible 1080/30p, 1080/24p, 720/30p and 720/24p now selectable
  • Recording Options – QuickTime, AVI, MPEG-2, or H.264 file formats, plus optional MP3 audio
  • New Multiview Layouts – full multiview options on a second computer monitor
  • New Audio Mixer Effects Channel – put custom sounds with those custom transitions
  • Built-in Waveform Monitor and Vectorscope
  • Content Creation – Export Media application for batch export and transcode of content files
  • Configurable AUX video output – new secondary output source and format options

Front panel

Technology doesn’t get in the way Many other “small budget” solutions require a network connected host CPU and monitor for display and operation, as well as an additional monitor for source preview, separate devices for streaming and recording, and all the cables and connectors to assemble them. This drives up the total cost of ownership (and the need for professional expertise) before you even power on the product.

Set up anywhere

The desktop-friendly design is  portable for live production use and in locations where space is at a premium: A/V carts wheeled from classroom to classroom, tight front-of-house sound booths, desktop/tabletop in temporary  production area. You can carry using a case or backpack to any production location.

Entry-level price. Professional Features

Means you don’t have to settle for a  so called “web tv production” software that forces you to add converters, purchase multiple capture cards, and upgrade to pro versions to access virtual sets. The signal is broadcast-television quality – so you can choose to broadcast, syndicate, or post-produce your content too instead of settling for streaming-only quality.

Notes for Educational buyers:

  • Educational version includes a free copy of LiveText.
  • Educational version includes a copy of NewTek’s video production curriculum.


  • Switcher Channels 14 – 6 external, 4 internal, 4 virtual inputs
  • Video Input 4 simultaneous live video sources, in any combination of HD Component, SD Component, Y/C or Composite and supported resolutions – Each input includes integrated frame synchronizer – Independent keying, cropping and Proc Amp controls per input – BNC connectivity Network Sources 2 simultaneous live sources via Gigabit connection, selectable from any networked computer or Apple® AirPlay® device – Independent keying, cropping and Proc Amp controls per input
  • Media 3 integrated digital media sources for video and graphics: DDR and GFX x 2 – Independent keying, cropping and Proc Amp controls per media source
  • Virtual Inputs 4 independent, mix/effect-style channels supporting multi-source compositions, virtual sets, double-box effects and more – 3 configurable sources per channel, each with independent positioning, scaling and cropping, including upstream keyer with DVE and transition controls
  • Downstream Key 2 downstream keyers, each with independent DVE, transition controls, positioning and scaling
  • Video Layers Up to 5 layers on-screen simultaneously
  • Virtual Sets 24 HD live virtual sets, with multiple camera angles, real-time reflections, specular highlights, animated zoom and presets
  • Video Output – 2 x Analog BNC configurable for Component or Y/C + Composite (Program and SD only AUX) – Network output for live streaming
  • Recording Native recording in resolutions up to 1080p Encoded as QuickTime®,  AVI, MPEG-2, or H.264 file formats, plus optional MP3 audio
  • Recording Capacity Accommodates ~ 20 hours 1080i or ~ 120 hours 480i via internal drive in QuickTime format – Capacity expandable using external media drives
  • Live Streaming HD live streaming via Adobe® Flash® or Microsoft® Windows Media® Push/Pull
  • Audio Inputs 1/4” Mono (Mic), RCA x 2 Stereo L/R (Line)
  • Audio Outputs  RCA x 2 Stereo L/R 1/4” Stereo (phones)
  • Audio Mixing Integrated multi-channel audio mixer for internal and external audio sources, output, stream and headphones
  • Supported Formats NTSC: 1080i, 1080/30p, 1080/24p, 720p, 720/30p, 720/24p, 480i (16:9), 480i (4:3)
  • Playback Media Formats AVI, DV, DVCPro, DVCProHD, FLV, F4V, H.263, H.264, MOV, MKV, MJPEG, MPEG (1, 2, all profiles, program or transport streams), MP4, WMV, WebM, PSD, PNG, TGA, BMP, JPEG, EXR, RAW, TIF, AIFF, MP3, WAV, and more, with Import Media application for batch import with optional transcoding of files (including Apple ProRes)
  • Processing Video: 4:4:4:4, 32-bit Floating Point
  • Audio: 4 channels, 96 kHz, 32-bit Floating Point
  • System Physical 10.4 x 8.5 x 17.5 in 19 lbs

TC 40 Introduction with John Scoble


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19 Responses to NewTek TriCaster 40 2.0

  1. Don Steele says:

    would like to record Sunday Services and because we are volunteers I would like to be able to set the machine to come on and start and stop recording at predeterimed times

  2. admin says:

    That’s not a built in function of the TriCaster but we can probably whip up a macro to make it happen.

    • Jon says:

      Did this macro ever happen? I am interested in taking it a step further. I want it to be able to switch to certain feeds at a set time and start recording and streaming at a different set time. I wasn’t sure if there is a resource that I can be pointed to to learn how to script for the TC40. Thanks!

  3. Louis-Joseph says:

    I dont speak english very well.I’m french
    My camcoder is JVC GY DV 550 with RMP 210
    YUV SD
    IT is correct for virtual set with Tricaster 40 for Broadcast channel ?

  4. admin says:

    Any of the TriCasters will work fine with your camera and CCU. The camera could be connected directly via composite or Y/C and the RMP-210 has component outputs which will give you an even better image.

  5. Ramon says:

    Does TC 40 come with intercom/tally features light to enable communication between cameramen and switcher operator?

  6. admin says:

    We currently don’t have a tally solution for the TC40 it is in the works though.

  7. lampsitv says:

    Urgent! Please let me know when you have available a tally solution for the TC40
    Lampsitv company

  8. athoma00 says:

    Yes, please let us know when the tally solution for TC40 is available.

  9. Barrett says:

    Please fix the link to download the manual. I am currently installing Tricasters in our schools and left the manual at my office. I wen to download it from here and it returns a 404 error. Seems there are quite a few 404 errors on your site for this Tricaster model. Strange.

    • admin says:

      Fixed the link, sorry about that. NewTek always has links to the latest versions of the manuals on their support page.

  10. Daniel says:

    Does the keyboard, mouse and monitor come along with the trickster 40?

  11. Melanie Fitzgerald says:

    I purchased a VT 5 and I run HD cameras over it and on my hard drive it comes out blurry. Will the 40 clear this situation up?

    • admin says:

      Probably. The VT[5] is a standard def device so it will naturally be more “blurry” than an actual HD switcher. Plus many HD cameras have poor SD outputs so that they look worse in SD than a real SD camera would look.

      The TC40 being an HD device will have a better looking output than a VT in most cases.

  12. Jon says:

    I use a TC40 every Sunday and sometimes during the week. This is a great budget machine and works pretty well!

    I have only noticed one problem. When the machine gets hot (like if it has been running for several hours), then it might get sticky frames. What I mean is it might hold a single frame (like as a picture) for a second or two. Newtek has not provided a fix for this as far as I know, but it seems to happen when the machine gets hot.

    Other than the sticky frames, this machine is awesome.

    • admin says:

      If the vents are unobstructed, all the fans in the TC are working (The one on the VGA card is the most likely to fail) and the room is not overly hot you shouldn’t have this problem. But if the TC is stuffed in a rack or other equipment is crowding it you might have overheating problems.