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LiveText™ 2 gives you the flexibility to add a dedicated title station to your live production. Build titles and graphics on any laptop or computer and send over the network to any TriCaster™ portable live production system. Make your production pop with network-style scrolls, crawls, title pages and lower thirds. And use the integrated DataLink™ application to display real-time data with instant updates. Scores, times, prices, countdown clocks and more. Add another set of hands. Share the workload. Go team.

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LiveText 2 provides these benefits:

  • Network-style production workflow with dedicated HD titles and graphics operation
  • Integrated DataLink application to display real-time data and instant updates
  • Real-time clock and date displays embedded in title pages
  • Remote control over title creation and management
  • Hundreds of preloaded templates ready for use, including lower third, OSB and full page graphics
  • Powerful vector-based drawing tools and extensive text options for designing custom graphics

Think visually.

Minimum System Requirements:
CPU which supports the SSE2 instruction set (typically an Intel® Core2® or better)
Graphics display card (PCI-E recommended) with Microsoft® DirectX® 9™ (or better) compatibility
Monitor capable of displaying a minimum resolution of 1280×800 pixels
2GB RAM (4GB or more preferred)
Gigabit network recommended for network transmission to TriCaster

LiveText User Interface

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One Response to NewTek LiveText

  1. admin says:

    Make sure your TriCaster has the latest update. You can download this from

    There have been several fixes for the integrated LiveText so you may have missed those. The auto update from the menu in the TC does not download the latest version it downloads the “shipping” version so you need to do this by hand.

    If you are having trouble with the stand-alone LiveText it has also had some updates.

    If after updating you still have problems you need to give us a call (if you bought the machine from Digital Arts) or NewTek tech support (1-800-TOASTER). The only major issue with LiveText I’m aware of is some instability (crashes) when editing complicated pages.