TLC-8 Tally Controller - Front

The TLC-8S controller connects to any HD TriCaster including the TC40, TC-Mini , TC1, VMC1. The current version of the software supports both the red program and green preview tally lights. You can also globally enable or disable the talent tally via the software with no jumpers to change.

Another new feature lets you assign any of the eight tally outputs to any of the switcher inputs so assign a tally to a network input or a DDR*.

One of the things that sets the TLC-8S apart from a simple adapter cable is the intercom pass through so you can run both tally and intercom on a single Cat5 cable run. Connect your intercom base station into the xlr on the TLC-8S then connect your beltpacks to the multi-purpose port on the tally lights.

*TC1 currently only supports tally on the first four inputs.


  • Eight assignable tally outputs.
  • Program tally and Preview tally
  • ‘Talent’ tally (global software enable/disable)
  • Two assignable dry-contact GPI outputs
  • Intercom/audio pass through
  • Compatible with all metaSETZ tally lights and relay units

System requirements:

TriCaster TC1 all versions
IP Seies VMC1 all versions
TriCaster Mini, 410, 460 or 860 all versions
TriCaster 40, 455, 855 rev 6 software
TriCaster 8000 rev 2-2-131031 Software
TriCaster 450, 850 or Extreme Current do not support the TLC-8S.

Available USB port or powered USB hub

Please Note TC software rev requirements.

Call 1-800-692-6442 to order


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