The upgrade from TLC-8d to 8S includes the following features:

  • Support for preview row green tally*
  • Software talent tally global disable/enable
  • Assignable tally outputs (assign any tally output to any switcher source including DDRs, media players and network inputs)
  • Two assignable dry contact GPI outputs
  • Software configuration utility
  • No 15 pin cable needed — USB connection only

System requirements:

TriCaster 460 or 860 and rev
TriCaster 40, 455, 855 rev 6 software
TriCaster 450, 850 or Extreme rev ? software**
TriCaster 8000 rev 2-2-131031 Software*
Available USB port or powered USB hub
**Probably the next release, rev numbers haven’t been announced at this time. On TC450 and TC850 (incl. Extreme) preview tallys will not supported for Virtual Input sources


This is not a field upgrade; the TLC-8d must be returned to Digital Arts so the boards can be re-worked.

Call 1-800-692-6442 to arrange an RMA

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One Response to metaSETZ TLC-8d to TLC-8S upgrade

  1. Jerry cotter says:

    Just purchased Netcaster 460. Have 3 cameras Panasonic AG-HMC 150Ps. Would need 75 feet of wire for tally lights. Suggestions and cost? Jerry Cotter