TLC-6 Front

The Tally Light Controller TLC-6 adds a sophisticated tally system to your standard def TriCaster or VT. The TLC – 6 in conjunction with our TL-2  tally lights adds status and ‘talent’ tally lights to any camera.

Each of the six output channels gives you four LED outputs – Program (Live), Preview and Effects bus indicators. Plus an output for a separately controlled tally for the on camera ‘talent’. The Talent tally can be software selected to illuminate when the camera is on the program bus, the preview bus, the effects bus or any combination.

Price: $450.00

In addition to the LED outputs each channel also includes two contact closure outputs that can be connected to most camera CCUs for program and preview tally.

If you’re not using CCUs (which usually provide intercom connections) you can configure the TLC-6 to pass through intercom signals over the tally cable. The TLC-6 has an XLR connector to connect directly into your intercom system.

The controller also has two GPI outputs. The first provides a contact closure every time the source on the program (Live) bus is changed the second does the same for the Effects bus. You can use these outputs to trigger any GPI compatible outboard equipment.

The TLC-6 uses inexpensive RJ-45 (Ethernet type) cables to make it easy to build custom length cables using off the shelf parts and requiring no soldering skills.

Compatible with all Standard Def TriCaster models with 2.0 or higher software and VT[4] and above.

If you have a TriCaster 450 or 850 see the TLC-8d, TriCaster 300 owners can use the TL-2 lights without a controller.

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