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Whether you are producing straight forward standard def video programs or need a system to become the central hub in your global media publishing empire there’s a TriCaster for you. Be sure to check out the comparison charts at the bottom of the page!

All NewTek TriCaster models share a finely tuned set of basic features that make them complete, integrated production systems. Multiple camera inputs, character generation, down stream overlays, virtual sets, chroma-key, web streaming,  hard disk recording and playback are all included. The TC410, TC460, TC860 and TC8000 also include SpeedEDIT a full featured video editor.

A full range of accessories are also available to make it easy to manage your production. The TriCaster 460, 860 and 8000 include sophisticated control surfaces while the TC40 and TC410 can be had with an optional control surface. Add basic instant replay and video player (DDR) control with a TimeWarp, or off-load CG to a separate machine and operator with LiveText. Doing serious sports production? Add one of three different NewTek 3Play instant replay units with four or eight inputs so you can give the big boys a run for their money.

TC 8000 with monitorsThe new TriCaster 8000 with it’s social media integration, eight re-entrant M/E buses, multiple upstream/down stream keyers  and sophisticated third generation Virtual Sets  is perfect for higher end productions. Inputs for eight cameras or even more using the routing switcher integration. Switcher macros and external audio controllers makes the TC 8000 a good choice for even  the most complicated production.

TriCaster455The TriCaster 460 and 860 have a feature set surpassed only by the TC 8000. With multiple inputs – four on the TC410, TC460 and eight on the TriCaster 860, virtual inputs with 2nd gen virtual sets, multiple keyers, multiple media players and an easy to use interface. these units are tailor made for sports production and are also a great choice for Churches and schools. The new social media integration and M/E buses make these a world class value.

On a tight budget but can live without the analog inputs? The TriCaster 410 has a similar feature set as the TC460 but has only the SDI I/O.

On a tighter budget but still need the production value? The TriCaster 40  has four analog inputs and a slightly simplified user interface but you still get most of the software features of the TC 455 including the LiveSets and multiple DSKs. The TC 40 doesn’t include the CG editor (LiveText) or SpeedEDIT but both of those are available separately. Note: The educational version includes a free copy of LiveText.

TriCaster TC 40The TriCaster 40 is the most powerful and full featured production system with a price of less than $5000. So now even on a tight budget you don’t have to settle for a half baked, cobbled together system.

TriCaster Feature Comparison Chart

TC 40, TC 455, TC 300 Comparison Chart

TriCaster 40 vs TriCaster 455

Have more questions? Give us a call at 1-800-692-6442 and we’ll be happy to answer them or to arrange a demo.

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