Here at Digital Arts we recommend wired intercoms for most of our customers for a number of reasons. There are no radios so no radio interference, range limitations or dead batteries. Wired intercoms just work. And since you’re probably running cables for your video it’s probably not a big deal running one more.

In addition to Portacom we’re now carrying equipment from Pro Intercom who make dependable, value priced equipment. They are also compatible with the ClearCom standard so if you already have ClearCom or Portacom intercoms it’s easy to add more beltpacks or a Master Station to your existing setup.


Start with a power supply or master station

  • PS4 and AD2410 – Least expensive option, single channel only
  • PS300 – Rack Mount three channel
  • PS301 – Rack Mount three channel w/program input for IFB
  • MS300 – Three channel master station
  • MS301 – Three channel master station with IFB

Add single or two channel belt packs

  • BP-1 Rugged single channel
  • BP15 Miniature single channel
  • BP-2  Rugged two channel
  • TT-1 Single channel with program input

Belt packs can be daisy chained together or connected in parallel using a power supply or master station with multiple outlets or by using SB1 splitters.

To expand a system you can add more beltpacks or fixed stations, interface with a CCU coms system or inject program audio into the com line.

Choose Headsets

  • SMH210/DMH220 –  High quality, light weight. Gooseneck  mounted mic (Wear Left Only)
  • SMH310/DMH320 –  High quality, light weight. Boom mounted mic (Wear Either Side)
  • SMH models – Single ear muff
  • DMH models – Dual ear muff

PORTACOM Intercoms

Portacom systems are pretty simple.

You need:

Power Supply


Headsets (We recommend Pro Intercom Headsets)

You can add a PGM-100 Box if you need program in for IFB. Portacom doesn’t make a talent receiver but Pro Intercom’s TR-1 will work with channel 1 of a PortaCom system.

Both Pro Intercom and Portacom stations are interconnected with standard XLR mic cable and are also compatible with metaSETZ Tally equipment.

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