NewTek Connect Spark

NewTek Spark Connect WiFi NDI Converter $499 (HDMI) $799 (SDI)

NewTek PTZ1

NewTek NDIHX-PTZ1 Native NDI PTZ Camera $2799

Video, Audio, PTZ Control, Tally and Power on one Ethernet Cable!

TriCaster TC1

NewTek  TriCaster TC-1 and addons

Expandable to up to 16 inputs. 4K compatible. Dual streaming encoders. Stream 4K!

Digital Arts SideKick TriCaster Expansion


The new Digital Arts SideKick is a companion machine that can be configured with several different NDI applications to extend and enhance your TriCaster. Prices for the standard configuration start at $2695

BirdDog Studio NDI Converter

On camera SDI & HDMI to NDI conversion with tally support. $895

Studio NDI Rotated

NewBlue FX Titler Pro

Titler Live Broadcast is a new powerful and affordable multi-channel live graphics system. You can stream on up to 16 channels via NDI, integrating lower thirds, main titles, sports scores and bugs into your live production. Choose from over 160 professionally designed templates for a quick start or create your own from scratch.

NewTek MediaDS Media Distribution System (Streaming Server)


Rather than delivering standard video to every room in the building or campus with a closed circuit cable system you simply set the MediaDS down, plug in the power, keyboard, mouse and monitor, connect it to your network, feed it video via SDI or NDI and POW everyone on your network can watch the live stream from any device with a web browser. No CDN or even Internet connection required. $11,995


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Live OnLine Demos

We can do live demos of TriCaster and other NewTek products. No need to travel or even get everyone in one place. Call Digital Arts at 1-800-692-6442 to get more info or to schedule your demo today. All you need is a reasonably fast internet connection and either a telephone or mic and speaker for your computer.

NewTek Elite Partner

Digital Arts is a NewTek Elite Partner now serving the entire country. We've been a NewTek dealer for 27 years and are one of the oldest in the country. Call us at 1-800-692-6442 so we can put our years of experience to work helping you build your perfect TriCaster setup.